Sandra Burnett is a native of Raleigh, NC and lives part time in Santa Fe, NM

Sandra Burnett, a native of Raleigh, NC, splits her time between Raleigh and Santa Fe, NM. She began her entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, selling “all occasion cards” door-to-door at the age of eleven, back when it was safe to do so. Her earnings and her father’s $50 financial support allowed her to purchase a surfboard. At twelve, she had the innovative idea to rent out her surfboard, marking the start of her first successful business venture.

During a summer visit to the Outer Banks, she met a local boy willing to sell his horse. She gave him her surfboard as a deposit, and through babysitting, washing cars, and working at a grocery store, she saved enough to pay the balance and bring her horse home. In another creative twist, she started a paper route, occasionally delivering newspapers on horseback.

Sandra’s life continued to be filled with blessings through high school and beyond. After graduating from Peace College in Raleigh, she moved to Whiston, near Liverpool, England, where she studied at Whiston Hospital for three years. Her training involved extensive hands-on patient care, and she achieved the distinction of becoming the Chairman of The Royal College of Nursing at Whiston Hospital, graduating with a State Registered Nurse degree (SRN) . Her specialized studies included the burns unit and midwifery ward.

Her passion for health and nutrition led her to own and operate an award-winning catering company for over 30 years, earning the title of la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Chef. Today, Burnett works independently, consulting with business owners and offering creative business solutions while incorporating her passion for holistic health education with her clients. To learn more about her Holistic Passion – click here!

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