How Athletes can Boost Blood Circulation and why they should.

Why Good Blood Circulation is Critical for Athletes

There are multiple theories about how athletes can achieve their best performance, but most of them include physical, technical, tactical, theoretical, and psychological principles. As a …

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Top 10 Benefits of Deep Breathing, and How It Helps You to Heal

The act of breathing comes naturally to almost everyone, and it’s not something we think about very often. The average person takes around 22,000 breaths a …

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Take a grounding bath for improved health and wellness.

Wellness: Using Water Options for Grounding Yourself

Grounding, which is also often called “earthing,” is a therapeutic technique that involves electrically connecting with the Earth’s energy. The planet has a negative energy, so doing …

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Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for Optimal Healing

Creating a Safe Sleeping Environment for Optimal Healing

When your health is compromised, it’s important to get the healing sleep you need in a powerful, safe sleeping environment. I’ve written before about the …

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Use of technology causes electromagnetic field radiation. Energy hygiene can combat this.

The Dangers of Electromagnetic (EMF) Health Risks

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy associated with the use of electrical power, as well as multiple forms of natural and …

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The power of positive thinking can turn negative thoughts into useful ones.

The Power of Positive Thinking: How You Can Become Extraordinary

Become extraordinary by deploying the power of positive thinking in your everyday life. Visionaries seek cherished lessons in every stumbling block or misfortune.  Rather than getting …

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Treat your chronic pain with natural remedies.

4 Herbal Remedies for Chronic Joint Pain and/or Arthritis

Chronic joint pain is caused by inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are considered chronic joint inflammatory disorders that can lead to progressive …

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Stress management

Follow These Tips to Stop Stress Robbing You of Good Health

There is no one in the world who is completely stress-free. Life throws one challenge after another at us, and while a little stress is …

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Stem cell therapy can regenerate and repair your tissues.

New Therapy Promises to Reactivate Your Stem Cells

For most types of repair work, you need a supply of replacement parts or the ability to manufacture them. When it comes to healing our …

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Bemer Sales and Marketing

The Lockdown is Almost Over. How Will YOU Recover Financially?

It’s been a rocky couple of years so far for many people. The Covid-19 pandemic has left almost 25% of employable adultsout of work, and millions are …

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Do you struggle to get enough quality sleep? Here’s why you need it and some tips on natural methods of insomnia treatment.

The Serenity of Sleep and Why It’s Essential

We spend approximately one-third of our time sleeping, and the quality of the rest we get can impact every aspect of our lives. It’s remarkable …

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Why Oxygen is Important for Good Health

Oxygen is vital for the survival of every single cell in your body. Without it, your cells can’t create energy and your metabolism is less …

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