Stress management

Follow These Tips to Stop Stress Robbing You of Good Health

There is no one in the world who is completely stress-free. Life throws one challenge after another at us, and while a little stress is …

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Stem cell therapy can regenerate and repair your tissues.

New Therapy Promises to Reactivate Your Stem Cells

For most types of repair work, you need a supply of replacement parts or the ability to manufacture them. When it comes to healing our …

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Bemer Sales and Marketing

The Lockdown is Almost Over. How Will YOU Recover Financially?

It’s been a rocky couple of years so far for many people. The Covid-19 pandemic has left almost 25% of employable adultsout of work, and millions are …

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Do you struggle to get enough quality sleep? Here’s why you need it and some tips on natural methods of insomnia treatment.

The Serenity of Sleep and Why It’s Essential

We spend approximately one-third of our time sleeping, and the quality of the rest we get can impact every aspect of our lives. It’s remarkable …

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Why Oxygen is Important for Good Health

Oxygen is vital for the survival of every single cell in your body. Without it, your cells can’t create energy and your metabolism is less …

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Avoid Kidney Damage by Managing Your BP

The human body is a fascinating piece of complex processes that work together perfectly to make us function. Some parts have a higher profile than …

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How circulation affects high blood pressure.

The Relationship between Tissue Perfusion, Hypertension and Microcirculation

Microcirculation is the functioning of the smallest arteries, capillaries, and venules. Almost all exchanges of gases, nutrients, and metabolites between your blood and tissues take …

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Healthy Nutrition for Good Microcirculation

You often hear the comment “you are what you eat,” but it’s more accurate than you think. The foods we consume don’t only affect your …

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Microcirculation is important for the prevention of vascular dementia.

The Role of Microcirculation in Vascular Dementia

The way our bodies work is nothing short of miraculous, and I never fail to be amazed by the interconnectedness of our organs and systems. …

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Proactive healthcare makes a difference.

4 Ways to Get More Serious About Proactive Healthcare

If you ever heard your mother say “a stitch in time saves nine” you’ll understand the concept of proactive healthcare. It doesn’t only apply to …

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poor circulation

Why You Have Low Energy – The Causes and Symptoms

We live hectic lives, which often saps our energy and leaves us feeling drained and incapable of functioning. Some people seem to have so much …

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Negative stress can be so draining to your body that it affects your health long-term. Learn how reducing your stress with these relaxation techniques can make a big change to your life.

Reducing Your Stress with Relaxation Techniques

Most people these days recognize that daily life is stressful, and that being under pressure about anything can cause problems with your health. Stress in …

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