I am a Holistic Registered Nurse here to serve you!

Would you like to ...

Let's take the time to talk about your health. I will listen, then empower you to reach your own optimal physical condition in a holistic, non-invasive way.

First and foremost your body needs proper nutrition, hydration & exercise!

With the right "ingredients" your body will have a MUCH better chance to heal itself

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How I Got Started

I made a life change to help people and horses with natural, non-evasive modalities! The pharmaceutical companies and T.V. commercials brainwash us into thinking we should take a “pill for every ill”. Most often, drugs can camouflage our body’s “signs and symptoms” AND PREVENT the body from healing itself.

We need to talk – My knowledge can be of value to you!

Your mindset is everything.

This gorgeous e-book will teach you how to transform your life and start bringing your dreams to fruition. These organizational tools and positive life journal are designed to help you with the next chapter in your life.