How to Use Stem Cell Therapy to Slow the Aging Process

Discover how stem cell therapy can help slow the aging process, give seniors a longer, better quality of life, and boost the economy at the same time.

Stem cell therapy is a medical treatment to cure or reduce the severity of a disease or disorder. These therapies have the potential to treat conditions that have confounded practitioners to date. Stem cells, also called the body’s “master cells,” can transform into the building blocks of blood, brain, bones, and organ tissues. This gives them the ability to repair, restore, or replace damaged cells in any area of the body for the purpose of healing. Lately, scientists have discovered that stem cell therapy can slow the aging process, helping to combat many of the health risks associated with growing older. 

What is Aging?

Aging is a gradual, continual process of natural changes beginning in early adulthood. As we grow older and enter middle age, bodily functions start to decline, skin loses elasticity, fat deposits accumulate in unwanted places, bones become prone to fracture. Our brains become less able to process information at speed. The lenses of our eyes thicken and stiffen, and we have difficulty focusing on close-up objects. Eventually, these accumulated factors result in the general decline in wellness associated with advancing age. 

Some aspects of aging are avoidable by taking steps such as:

  • Following a healthy, nutritious diet
  • Protecting your skin from damage caused by the sun and other elements
  • Avoiding unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, and recreational drug use
  • Exercising regularly to maintain a level of fitness
  • Avoiding stress
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Having regular screening for preventable conditions

Maintaining oral health through dental care Keeping the mind active with learning and new experiences. 

Treating any medical conditions promptly to prevent them from becoming worse is also vital to slow the aging process and ensure long-lasting, good health. 

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps

Stem cell therapies can play a critical role in slowing the aging process. Science has proved that by age 35, we lose more than half of our stem cell activity, and by age 60 almost all of our stem cells are inactive. However, by reactivating your own stem cells, you can regenerate your cell tissues to heal and repair themselves and combat the effects of aging.

Stem cell patch therapy, for example, uses the same principles as acupuncture to tap into your body’s natural energy flow. Without using needles, a small activation patch containing embedded organic crystals is placed on your skin. The crystal uses a process called photobiomodulation, which is the heat from your skin activating the patch to release peptides in the same way the sun activates Vitamin D in the body. 

This therapy activates sluggish stem cells and resets them to a younger, healthier state while encouraging your system to produce more stem cells. Within the first few days of applying the patch, between 3,000 and 4,000 stem cells will be reactivated. This helps to promote an increase in antioxidants, reduced inflammation, fewer wrinkles, and more active hair growth. 

Benefits of Slowing the Aging Process

While we are not yet at the point of being able to stop the aging process, there are multiple benefits to be gained by slowing it down. Scientists have calculated that even a moderate decrease in the speed of aging would boost the average lifespan by more than two years, stave off disease, increase wellness, and improve the quality of life for many older adults. 

From the individual’s viewpoint, people can stay in their homes, retain their independence later into their lives, and spend less on medication and peripheral health services such as chiropractic care. Since aging is the underlying risk factor for many of the illnesses we develop in later life, being proactive about healthcare by slowing the aging process could postpone illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease that mainly strike elderly patients. This could help people to work for longer, avoid the need for eldercare for longer.

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