The Lockdown is Almost Over. How Will YOU Recover Financially?

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It’s been a rocky couple of years so far for many people. The Covid-19 pandemic has left almost 25% of employable adultsout of work, and millions are wondering how they’re going to get back on their feet financially. 

A Job No Longer Means Security

Some people were lucky enough to keep their jobs through various stimulus packages. Others will get their jobs back once everyone returns to work. One thing is for certain, though: having a government or corporate job is no longer a predictor of security. Being an entrepreneur has no defense against the whims of the corporate world, and even social security mechanisms are no a guarantee of having food on the table. Americans have to fend for themselves, regardless of the income level they are on.

The situation is making many professional people question the time and money invested in their current careers, as they look for opportunities that can free them from dependence on a single income source. Do you have a back-up plan for an income-producing activity?

The Good News

I’m aware it’s challenging to find the silver lining in this particular cloud, but it’s not impossible. The pandemic may be nearly over, but it has provided a wake-up call for millions of people. Suddenly, that direct sale company or multi-level marketing opportunity you felt wasn’t worth the effort takes on a whole new shine. Having a sideline job is no longer “just for housewives” who sell Tupperware, it’s a viable source of additional/independent income. The question, of course, is how do you choose an entrepreneurial business option that’s legitimate, ethical and profitable without getting your fingers burned a few times first? That’s where I can help! I have studied this industry for well over ten years.

The HealthCare Environment

I once knew a lady who believed anyone who worked in healthcare was akin to angels. That’s certainly been proven true during the coronavirus, and few careers as rewarding for most of us than the ability to help others achieve and maintain good health. Certainly, we can’t all be doctors, and it’s difficult to get into a medical field without specialized training.

There is a way, however, and that lies with a company I have worked with for years. The European-based organization is an international market leader in the field of microcirculation and physical vascular therapy. As the sole producer of a patented general wellness device, it offers the opportunity for professional individuals to earn additional income from marketing their product. We are better known as Independent Distributors and we love what we do! 

The Device

This therapy is delivered by a scientifically-researched device that stimulates the circulation in the smallest blood vessels. An often-overlooked area of health, microcirculation comprises 74% of all blood circulation that takes place in our systems. It’s the vehicle that delivers oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and organs and removes the end products of metabolization. If microcirculation is less than optimal, every system functions less than optimally.  

Becoming Independent

Joining the ranks of independent professional distributors isn’t for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to unlock the income potential in any direct sale business. If you’re tired of being subject to the financial fluctuations caused by external factors, it’s time to take control of your career and your income. Contact me to find out what’s involved and whether you have the right mindset and attributes to be a successful entrepreneur. Life is so much fun, being your own boss! Work when and from where you want to! Are you building residual income? Or are you working by the hour? Do you enjoy driving in traffic, or would you prefer that second cup of coffee on your own terms and turf?

One thing I know, I love owning my own business!

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