The Relationship between Tissue Perfusion, Hypertension and Microcirculation

How circulation affects high blood pressure.

Microcirculation is the functioning of the smallest arteries, capillaries, and venules. Almost all exchanges of gases, nutrients, and metabolites between your blood and tissues take place in these arteries, from where they pass into the circulatory system or the lymphatic system to your organs or tissues. This is called perfusion, and I believe faulty perfusion is the underlying cause of many tissue and organ disorders, especially those related to high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. 

The Role of Blood Pressure in Tissue Perfusion

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke, as well as being a major risk for heart disease. It happens when the blood pressure increases in your arteries, making your heart work harder than normal to pump the blood through your body. If your blood pressure rises suddenly, it can cause the blood vessels to constrict. 

The narrowing of these pathways results in the pressure of the blood increasing, which can potentially cause high blood pressure or hypertension. Although this can reverse itself under the right circumstances, if it lasts for too long it can cause permanent damage to the arteries and capillaries, which we call remodeling. This process can interfere with tissue perfusion, leading to inadequate oxygen reaching the tissues, which affects the way your muscles perform. 

Microcirculation and Perfusion

From this information, it’s clear that good tissue perfusion is an ideal way to achieve healthy blood pressure levels. Insufficient perfusion can lead to rarefaction, which reduces both the amount of space used for this blood-tissue exchange and increases the distances between components which perform it. When you develop regular headaches, low energy, or the stress at work gets to you, it could be your microcirculation is less than optimal. This in turn impacts your tissue perfusion and your blood pressure. 

Improving Microcirculation

Given the close relationship between high blood pressure, tissue perfusion and microcirculation, it makes sense that improving the one will result in an improvement for all three. If you find yourself regularly struggling with symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, problems with sleep or metabolic functions, you’ll benefit from spending just eight minutes discovering how you can improve your life and health. 

Start by developing a lifestyle plan that includes a healthy eating plan, exercise, stress management and fluid intake. Combine this with a solution that is scientifically proven and carries 5 international patents. Available in more than 4,000 European hospitals and clinics and used by top athletes and celebrities, this 8-minute secret has been covered in more than 50 published medical studies and papers. With 1,000,000 users across 43 countries, this proven technology with German-engineered, Swiss craftsmanship is endorsed by the NFL Alumni Association. 

The key factors in achieving good health are nutrition, water and improved micro-circulation, with all the benefits offered for those who make their health a priority.

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