The Dangers of Electromagnetic (EMF) Health Risks

Use of technology causes electromagnetic field radiation. Energy hygiene can combat this.

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy associated with the use of electrical power, as well as multiple forms of natural and man-made lighting. The waves and vibrations from these EMFs deplete the natural energy in our bodies, causing physical damage that can affect our health. When you combine this depletion with our daily stress and tension, it becomes really difficult for our bodies to heal and stay healthy. Practicing good energy hygiene can make a huge difference in the way you feel and your performance levels.

The EMF Culprits

To be clear, electromagnetic fields themselves are not harmful, but if they operate at a high enough frequency they can be extremely destructive. That’s why some EMFs are more damaging than others, for example:

  • Wi-Fi, which causes a number of physical problems because exposure is almost universal through routers that use radio waves to connect networks and devices.
  • So-called “dirty” electricity, which is the name given to spikes and surges of current at frequencies other than the standard 60 Hz. These occur mainly in homes fitted with solar converters, smart appliances, and items like dimmer switches. Fluorescent lights also contain mercury and emit dirty electricity.
  • LED lights, which expose us to blue light that interrupts our sleep patterns and can lead to retinal damage. These are often components of smart devices, which connect to Wi-Fi as part of the Internet of Things.
  • Cellphones are some of the biggest culprits, emitting both microwave EMF radiation from their antenna, and non-ionizing EMFs from the body of the device. Even when you aren’t actually using a mobile device, if it’s nearby the radiation is being continuously absorbed into your system.

These are by no means the only avenues for absorbing EMFs, just the most common ones. Most of us are unaware of the risk to our health presented by these fields, but we can do something about it.

The Impact on Humans

If you’ve noticed some or all of these signs and symptoms, you may be experiencing sensitivity to EMFs:

  1. Sensations of warmth in your head and facial area, which resembles hot flashes or sunburn
  2. Prickly or “tingly” feelings anywhere across the skin of your face or body
  3. Unexplained swelling, hotness, or dryness in your mucus membranes, such as the throat, nasal passages and ear drums.
  4. Thick, fuzzy head as if you’re developing flu or a cold, aches and pains in your neck, mouth or jaw
  5. Memory and concentration difficulties, headache or dizziness
  6. Heart palpitations or arrhythmias.

The outcome of these symptoms is potential damage to your immune system, disrupted sleep and the resulting fatigue, long-lasting cognitive issues, neurological problems, and skin infections.

Practicing Good Energy Hygiene

Just as you brush your teeth twice a day as part of your oral hygiene regimen, you can create a good energy hygiene program for yourself. This can include grounding or earthing to support your immune system, practicing yoga and meditation, and bringing a color balance into your life.

Create a safe, healing sleep environment for yourself, and take a refreshing, grounding bath a few times a week. Filter out dirty electricity from your surroundings, and invest in a few healing tools that can help you to reduce toxins, balance your pH levels, and cleanse your system. You should feel the benefits of your efforts within a couple of weeks, and if you maintain the practice you can continue to improve. I’ll be exploring some of these recommendations in depth in future blog posts.

For more information on how to combat EMF health risks and develop a good energy hygiene program, please contact me today.


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